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In the Matlab built in examaple call "TableDataAppExample.mlapp", a graphical table component is filled (by the function startupFcn(app)) with a variable table call "t" by the sentence
% Add data to the Table UI Component
app.UITable.Data = t;
The data in the therd column of the variable table "t" is a logical value, its value either is "true" or "false", and after filling the graphical table (by app.UITable.Data = t;) it happens that in the therd column logical "true" appears as a checked checkbox, and logical "false" appears as an unchecked checkbox.
My problem is...
When I do the same in my ongoing APP design it happens that when a fill my graphical table from a variable table, columns defined in this variable table as logical "true" appear as a "1" in the graphical table, and columns defined as logical "false" appear as a "0",
How can I make them to appear as a checked or unchecked checkbox as in the "TableDataAppExample.mlapp" example ?.

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Monika Phadnis
Monika Phadnis on 9 Oct 2020
R2020b Documentation for 'uitable' specifies that logical arrays will be displayed as checkboxes.
Refer this page:
Is there any error or warning displayed for your use case?
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José Barrera Alvarez
José Barrera Alvarez on 12 Oct 2020
After reading your indicated help page, I understood that I was not using the “ColumnFormat” property to define the format of the cell array columns when creating my table. After correct use of that property now is o.k..
The problem came from the fact that the in the indicated built in app example, there is no stamement using the “ColumnFormat” property. The indicated “t” the table is obtained by reading an excel file by
t = readtable('patients.xls');
(so I assume that the format of the “t” table columns (char, numeric, logical ,....) is inherited someway from this excel file).
Thank you very much for your answer !.

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