Why i can't connect with an instrument using ivi com driver?

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Hi, I created and device object using both drivers(ivi c and ivi com). when i try to connect the instrument using ivi c driver's device object i can connect with the instrument . but when i try to connect the instrument with ivi com driver's device object.
Please explain why and also the difference between ivi c and ivi com.
Thanks in advance Vijith

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Ankit Desai
Ankit Desai on 12 Feb 2013
IVI-COM is not supported on 64-bit platform. However, if the driver installs both the 32 as well as 64 bit, then you should be able to use the 32-bit driver from 32-bit MATLAB.
The difference between the IVI-C and IVI-COM is explained by pacificmindworks.com in this PDF document.
I installed version 1.1.8 of the IVI driver for the instrument you listed. That driver comes along with MATLAB driver and is automatically installed. You might want to update your driver if it is not the latest one.
There is also an example that is shipped with the driver that shows how to use the driver, once installed. Here's a sample code:
% Create driver instance
driver = instrument.driver.AgInfiniiVision();
% Edit resource and options as needed.
% Resource is ignored if option Simulate=true
% resourceDesc = 'TCPIP0::<host_name or IP addr>::INSTR';
resourceDesc = 'GPIB0::7::INSTR';
initOptions = 'QueryInstrStatus=true, Simulate=true, DriverSetup= Model=, Trace=false';
idquery = true;
reset = true;
driver.Initialize(resourceDesc, idquery, reset, initOptions);
disp('Driver Initialized');
If the code above works fine, you can just update the resourceDesc string and change Simulate=true to Simulate=false, for your code to work.
All the best!

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