How to get the tap delay vector from RMS delay spread?

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Hello, I am simulating indoor channel where I found that the RMS delay spread is about 250ns. Now If I want to simulate with the rayleighchan() function, I need to input the tau (The tap delay vector). Now Can anyone help me how to find the tau from RMS delay spread or any other ideas to simulate the channel...?
One more thing, If I want to pass a Sine wave with amplitude 1 to the rayleighchan, then output is a complex number as expected. But If I want the power of the faded channel. then how can I do it...? I mean If I take the absolute, then it becomes more than the actual unfaded signal. In that case, how can I calculate the power of the faded signal. Please inform me. It will be a great help. Thanks

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N/A on 13 Nov 2019
You can use the normalized delays from the LTE/5G release, and the delays you need to apply will be :
WantedDelay = NormalizedDelay * DelaySpread
Hope this helps.

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