using conofinf to plot the cone of influence in a imagesc(time, freq, coeffs)

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Hello there
I have done the cwt of a signal
coeffs=cwt(signal, scales, wavelet)
scales are obtained as this: freq=1:1: 1000 Hz
then I do the freq2scale conversion (my own routine very obvious)
so I end up having a vector of scales not equaly spaced (1/x rule)
However I want the plot to be related to the freq in Hz, so:
imagesc(time, freq, abs(coeffs)) ---works fine!!
Now I would want to put in this plot the limits of the influence cone by doing
[PLmin,PRmax] = conofinf(wavename,scales,length(x),[]);
just doing [cone] = conofinf(wavename,scales,length(x),[]); will not work because my imagesc is ploted with time versus pseudo-frquencies.
Note that scales is a non-linear vector
How do I go about putting a cone of influence in the above imagesc plot?
many regards´ para

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Answers (1)

Paramonte on 10 Feb 2014
Anybody please?

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