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Is YOLO v3 is working on MATLAB 2019b?

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Mona Al-Kharraz
Mona Al-Kharraz on 21 Jul 2020
Edited: Anusha on 25 Aug 2022
Hi everybody,
How I can know if the Yolo v3 on this link ( is working on MATLAB 2019b. It is working fine on MATLAB 2020a but I want to make sure it is working on MATLAB 2019b.
Mona Al-Kharraz
Mona Al-Kharraz on 21 Jul 2020
It seems not working. I install MATLAB 2019b and the code in the above linke is getting an error but I don't know if this problem can be solved or not
xinyi shen
xinyi shen on 29 Jun 2022
Have the same issue. University HPC uses redhat6 can only install up to matlab 2019. Need to use yolov3

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Answers (1)

Anusha on 25 Aug 2022
Edited: Anusha on 25 Aug 2022
I understand that you are trying to access yolov3ObjectDetector from MATLAB version R2019a. The yolov3ObjectDetector was introduced in MATLAB version of R2021a. You can update your MATLAB version to R2021a and later to use 'yolov3ObjectDetector' without any issues.
Please refer to the version history of ‘yolov3ObjectDetector’ in the link below for more information.
Further, to know if any feature is available in the working version of your MATLAB you can use type the following command in command prompt:
>> help <feature name>
For example, in case of yolov3ObjectDetector, you can use this following command:
>> help yolov3ObjectDetector


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