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phased array toolbox

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James Van Zandt
James Van Zandt on 18 Apr 2011
The recent Phased Array Toolbox is described at
DSTV = dopsteeringvec(dopplerfreq,numpulses,PRF) returns the N-by-1 temporal (time-domain) Doppler steering vector for a target at a normalized Doppler frequency of dopplerfreq in hertz.
Yet it claims to model “Space-time adaptive processing algorithms, including displaced phase center array (DPCA), adaptive DPCA, sample matrix inversion (SMI) beamforming, and angle-Doppler response visualization”.
Under “array analysis” I see only two functions translate between az + el and “broadside angle”. I.e. sin(broadside) = sin(theta)*cos(phi). Yet it claims to treat tapering.
Does the page only document some of the functions?

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Amanda Galtman
Amanda Galtman on 14 Jul 2011
Some of the features in the toolbox take the form of functions while other features take the form of System objects. The categorized list of System objects is here:
You might also want to look at the User's Guide section about STAP:

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