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Where can I find more information about the certification exam itself? Like how long is the exam (timewise and questionwise)? Is it multiple choice? short answer? interactive?
Are the exams eventually going to be offered at testing centers in other cities in the US? I live in Iowa and would have to fly somewhere just to take the exam and don't know if the additional costs are worth it.

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John Kotwicki
John Kotwicki on 1 Aug 2013
Thanks for your interest in the Certification Program. As the Certification Manager at MathWorks, I wanted to take this opportunity to respond to the questions on this thread. The MathWorks Certified MATLAB Associate (MCMA) exam is indeed 50 multiple choice questions. The time limit and passing score vary among the instances of the exam. (This difference corrects for exam instances that are easier or harder than the others, and helps to maintain a consistent standard for the credential.) At this level you can expect to complete the entire process (sign-in, instructions, exam, sign-out) in under three hours.
More information about the program is available at the MathWorks Certification Program site, including an upcoming schedule of exams. Here you will also find a few practice questions, which should provide an idea of the difficulty level to expect on exam day. For additional practice, you may want to consider taking the MATLAB Fundamentals training. The course material contains several great exercises that will help in preparation for the exam.
Thanks for the feedback on the locations. We are always looking for ideas on where to offer the program next.
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yfchang on 4 Aug 2016
Thank you for the useful informations about the MCMA exam.
I'm living in Germany and also planning to take this exam in Munich. Are the Informations you mentioned above also valid in Germany? I assume that the Certification Programm and the materials for the exam-preparation should be identical all over the world.

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Ryan G
Ryan G on 9 Jan 2013
It looks like it's located mostly where MathWorks has a location (Torrance, Novi and Natick).
I would suggest calling customer service (508-647-7000) so that they know people are interested in taking it locally. Perhaps if enough people in Iowa express interest they may be inclined to do a test more locally.

Swapnali Gujar
Swapnali Gujar on 31 Jul 2013
I also would like to know more about this exam. I called the call center and got to know like the exam will have around 50 multiple choice questions to be solved using a pen/paper, but dont know what will be the passing criteria. I live in NJ and i also have to fly down to the exam center. Also the exam fees is 600$ which I think is too much..I will be happy to know if somebody can help me with some example questions about this exam that I can practice..
sean mcmahon
sean mcmahon on 29 Mar 2014
Yes, ity's really strange that they don't recommend a textbook. Never mind the exam I'd like a good textbook covering the exam topics. Cisco and microsoft have this, why not matlab?

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