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Lu on 20 Apr 2011
Hi everybody!!
I have one quick question. I´m trying to convert the dates and the timestamps of my .mat file into numbers using datenum. Dates and timestamps are in different columns, but the problem is that when I type
I get the message error
??? Error using ==> datenum at 182
DATENUM failed.
Caused by: Error using ==> datevec at 110 The input to DATEVEC was not an array of strings.
However, if I type
it works but just for the first element of the dates, but I need all the elements not just one. Do you have any ideas how can I solve this?
Just one extra detail, when I type whos this is what i get
EDU>> whos date timestamp
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes
date 31591x1 4296376 cell
timestamp 31591x1 4296376 cell
I hope you could help me out with this problem
thank you and have a nice day :)
Lu on 20 Apr 2011
Thank you for pointing this out! I didnt know that but I sure wrote stuff starting with apostrophe! :)

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Accepted Answer

Laura Proctor
Laura Proctor on 20 Apr 2011
I believe that the error is being thrown when you are trying to create datenumber. This could be because date contains a cell array of cells. Try the following code to see if this works:
datenumber = datenum([date{:}],'');
Laura Proctor
Laura Proctor on 20 Apr 2011
I'm so glad we were able to finally get to a resolution! Good luck with your work. :o)

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