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Interactively rotating images without changing viewpoint elevation?

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I display an image on a figure and wish to rotate it interactively around the central pixel. For example, a document with text running horizontaly and vertically. When using rotate3d you usually change the viewpoint's both azimuth and elevation and the image will look as if it is displayed in 3D, you even can look at it from below. Therefore, I am looking at a method to keep elevation constant at 90°. Below is my code that doesn't work and the error message it generates.
function constrained3drotation
ax = axes;
I = imread('text.png');
ax.Toolbar = [];
rotateObject = rotate3d(ax);
rotateObject.Enable = 'on';
rotateObject.ButtonDownFilter = @Constrain3dRotation;
rotateObject.UseLegacyExplorationModes = 'on';
function Constrain3dRotation(~,event)
event.Source.CurrentAxes.Toolbar = [];
axesAttitude = event.Source.CurrentAxes.View;
event.Source.CurrentAxes.View = [axesAttitude(1), 90];
% Warning: An error occurred during the mode callback.
% > In matlab.uitools.internal.uimode/modeWindowButtonDownFcn (line 100)
% In matlab.uitools.internal.uimode/modeControl>localModeWindowButtonDownFcn (line 152)

Accepted Answer

Vlad Atanasiu
Vlad Atanasiu on 12 Sep 2020
Edited: Vlad Atanasiu on 12 Sep 2020
Solution: activate the camera toolbar with cameratoolbar, then use the Camera Roll tool to rotate the image in its own plane. Thank you!

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