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Creating a plotting Threshold across multiple variables

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Thallon Pitchure
Thallon Pitchure on 23 Sep 2020
Edited: Thallon Pitchure on 23 Sep 2020
Hello again!
Today I am trying to add a second layer to an exisiting plot by using a threshold for when the distance from the median deviates +/- 5 mm. I am not sure using logical operators is helpful or just confusing me more.
I have attached my code below. The issue I am having is retaining the original matrix column and carrying the values over into a new matrix when I get a logical 1. I cannot figure out how to turn my logical array back into a matrix with the appropriate/orignal numbers in the correct placement with respect to the original matrix column.
I apologize if my description is confusing. I will be actively viewing if any one has any questions. I feel like I am on the right idea but still not sure if this actually makes sense from a programming stand point.
Thank you for your time and help.
%% 3) Adding multiple lines to a plot
% - Color the part of the line from the previous plot where the CoP deviates more than 5mm away from
% the center on the x axis or more than 5mm away from the center on the y axis in red.
% Do this by plotting a second line on top of the line from question number 2.
Mx = median(COPD_data.AnteriorPosteriorSway_mm_) %median(Sortx)
My = median(COPD_data.MedioLateralSway_mm_) %median(Sorty)
Basex_plus = Mx+5 %mm
Basex_minus = Mx-5
Basey_plus = My+5 %mm
Basey_minus = My-5
Adjust_AP = (COPD_data.AnteriorPosteriorSway_mm_ >= Basex_minus &...
COPD_data.AnteriorPosteriorSway_mm_ >= Basex_plus)
Adjust_ML = (COPD_data.MedioLateralSway_mm_>= Basey_minus &...
COPD_data.MedioLateralSway_mm_>= Basey_plus)
plot (Adjust_AP, Adjust_ML, 'r--')
hold off

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