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Load Vs Readtable Vs array

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I was wondering if anyone could better explain the difference of readtable, load and an array. I have looked at the functions on the website but I could not fully comphrend the difference and the purpose/use of the functions.
I would greatly appreciate any help. Please and thank you!!!

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Kiran Felix Robert
Kiran Felix Robert on 8 Oct 2020
Hi Thallon,
Load – is used to load data from a file into MATLAB Variables. Any MAT-file or ASCII file can be used as arguments to Load. It assigns the data in the files as separate variables. This can load various data types such as Array, Matrices, Structures from the MAT File
Readtable function is used to specifically load column-oriented data. Furthermore, this function loads the data in a Tabular Form. Refer to MATLAB Tables Documentation. This is used to load data from a spreadsheet file or a text file. This function also supports reading column-oriented data from a lot of other formats as described in the readtable documentation.
Array is a fundamental MATLAB datatype.
Kiran Felix Robert
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Thallon Pitchure
Thallon Pitchure on 8 Oct 2020
Thank you so very much!!

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