test uitable cell edit event with App Testing Framework

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I have an editable table in my App with callback upon field change (CellEditCallback).
What is the way to test cell editing with App Testing Framework? Documentation does not mention anything about tables: https://www.mathworks.com/help/matlab/matlab_prog/overview-of-app-testing-framework.html
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Michaela Konstantinou
Michaela Konstantinou on 9 Sep 2021
check the type gesture (https://ch.mathworks.com/help//matlab/ref/matlab.uitest.testcase.type.html). Tha case of type(testcase,uit,indices,value) types value in the cell specified by indices within the table UI component uit.
testCase.type(testTable, [16 2], 'Michaela');
Unrecognized function or variable 'testTable'.
then you can check the value by
testCase.verifyEqual(testTable.data{16,2}, whatever)

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Monika Phadnis
Monika Phadnis on 9 Oct 2020
You can edit values in the table by editing the 'Data' property of 'uitable'.
Assuming, we have app with a single UI element - the 'uitable', you can write function similar to the following in your test class:
function testUItable(test)
appObject = app1(); % create an app object and open the app
appObject.UITable.Data{1,1} = {'xyz'}; % edit 1,1 value in UITable
appObject.UITable.Data{2,2} = {'abc'}; % edit 2,2 value in UITable
% add verifying function calls here
You can edit the Data property as editing any cell array.
Hope this helps.
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Bence Molnar
Bence Molnar on 11 Oct 2020
I would like to test the user interface with App Testing Framework. The main goal is to test the functionality of User Interface, so testing events, callbacks etc...
With suggested method I was unable to trigger CellEditCallback function. Do you have any idea to trigger this callback from App Testing Framework?

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