Coding to find difference between two lines on a x y plane

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Eddy Ramirez
Eddy Ramirez on 18 Oct 2020
Answered: Manvi Goel on 29 Oct 2020
is there a way to generate a code on MatLab that will find the difference between two different lines?
For example, I have a straight line (linear) with the following points (-10,1) (10,1) and I have a nonlinear line on the x y plane and I need to find the difference between the linear and nonlinear curve
VBBV on 18 Oct 2020
% if true
% code
% end
K = 2.5;
X = linspace(-10,10,100);
Y = K*((X/20)).^3;
Ly = ones(1,100);
Diff = Ly - Y;

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Answers (1)

Manvi Goel
Manvi Goel on 29 Oct 2020
You can plot the difference between the two lines by simply passing the second argument to the plot function as y - z where y and z are the two lines respectively.
X = linspace(-10,10,100); %line 1
Y = sin(X); %line 2
Z = ones(1,100);
plot(X, Y - Z); %plot for the difference

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