Generate PDF image with 76cm x 240cm

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Marko Jankovic
Marko Jankovic on 20 Oct 2020
Commented: Marko Jankovic on 21 Oct 2020
I have specific problem. I have matrix 76x240 with binary value...
I need to generate large size image in pdf, jpg or png format (76cm x 240cm) from figure?
Any idea?
This is my simple code:
clear all
close all
a = 76;
b = 240;
x = randi([0 1],a,b);
hold on;
[rows, columns] = size(x);
for row = 1 : 1 : rows+1
line([1-0.5, columns-0.5], [row-0.5, row-0.5], 'Color', 'r');
for col = 1 : 1 : columns+1
line([col-0.5, col-0.5], [1-0.5, rows-0.5], 'Color', 'r');
for i=1:b
for g=1:a
if x(g,i)==0
set(gcf, 'Position', get(0, 'ScreenSize'))

Accepted Answer

Spectro on 20 Oct 2020
Edited: Spectro on 20 Oct 2020
All you have to do is put this at the end of your code:
set(gcf, 'units', 'centimeters', 'PaperPosition', [0 0 240 76])
saveas(gcf, 'name_of_your_pic.png')
That should do the trick.
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Marko Jankovic
Marko Jankovic on 21 Oct 2020
Thanks a lot!
and for PDF
set(gcf, 'units', 'centimeters', 'PaperPosition', [0 0 240 76]);
set(gcf, 'PaperUnits', 'centimeters', 'PaperSize',[240 76]);
print -dpdf -opengl name_of_your_pic

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