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Embedded Coder C2000 Example F28069 does not support generating C++ Code

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Hello everybody,
I'm quite new in the topic of embedded code generation.
So fare I started with the following C2000 sample project from MathWorks:
I connected my TMDSCNCD28069ISO controlCard via USB to my PC. Because I’m using a DRV8312EVM I changed die GPIO settings to the Status LED of the EVM. I Everything was working fine.
When I now change the language settings from C to C++ I get the folowing error:
Does anyone know why my Hardware (TMDSCNCD28069ISO controlCard) does not support C++?
Is it possible to change any settings to generate C++ Code for this Hardware?
I’m looking forward to hearing from you guys.Thanks a lot in advance!
Venkatesh Chilapur
Venkatesh Chilapur on 22 Oct 2020
Hi felix,
This workflow is not supported.
Is there is specific reason why you need C++ code. Usually with Embedded Systems we work with C code.
Venkatesh C
Felix Mireisz
Felix Mireisz on 3 Nov 2020
Hi Venkatesh,
Thank you for your quick answer.
All our TI-Microprocessors are coded in C++ and the goal is to include generated code in our C++ project’s that is the reason for my question.
If there is not C++ workflow that doesn’t matter that hard because I know it is possible to include C-Code in a C++ project.
I have one more question is it in general, that there is no C++ workflow for the whole C2000 series?
Thanks in advance!
Felix M.

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Answers (1)

Aditya Padmanabha
Aditya Padmanabha on 18 Oct 2021
Hi Felix,
Yes as of now only C workflow is supported for the TI C2000 support package.




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