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Combination bad Latex equation printing and PropertyMaker error during MATLAB publish to PDF

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I'm using OSX and MATLAB R2012b.
I'm trying to use the MATLAB GUI publish to publish my MATLAB code, some Latex equations, and some plots. When I publish to HTML, I have no issues with the Latex display, but when I publish to PDF, the Latex equations are blurry to the point of unreadable. Additionally, an error occurs during the pdf publish that does not occur during the HTML publish:
[ERROR] PropertyMaker - forcing max to min in LengthRange
Messing with the properties of my PDF viewer does not help the blurriness. I also tried changing the graphical parameters in the publish GUI to no avail (same error, and no improvement in the published document). Everything else in the published document displays fine.
%%Problem 2
% Determination of the Energy between Colloidal Particles attached
% with Polymers
%%(a) Particles only
% Interaction energy is given by the following equation:
% $$\Phi = \frac{-A}{6}\left[\frac{2R^2}{s^2+4Rs}+\frac{2R^2}{s^2+4Rs+4R^2}+\ln\left(\frac{s^2+4Rs}{s^2+4Rs+4R^2}\right)\right]$$
% where $R$ is the radius of the sphere, $s$ is the separation of the
% spheres at the surface, and $A$ is the Hamaker constant, which is assumed
% to be $10kT$ in the following exercises.
%%(b) i. Particles with ideal polymer chains
% An additional force parameter based on ideal chain statistics
% is included in this simulation:
% $$ f = 3kT\frac{R}{\langle R_0^2 \rangle}$$
% where $R$ is the stretched length of the polymer and $R_0$ is the
% unpeturbed end-to-end distance of the chain.
% The following code assumes a displacement of $x = r$. Energy is force x
% displacement, so the above force must be multiplied by some displacement
% in order to be added to the interparticle attractive energy.

Answers (1)

JWTay on 15 Mar 2013
I've been having the same problem with the math fonts so I had a look into it today. Unfortunately there is no good answer. The problem here is caused by MATLAB's odd way of rendering the equations. From what I can see in the publish.m file, MATLAB first uses a figure to render the TeX equation, then somehow generates a .bmp of this figure. The code it uses to do this is an encrypted m-file so I have no idea what it is actually doing.
Long story short, I came up with a dirty workaround. Basically increase the font size by using the trick described here as well as editing the swapTexForImg() function in publish.m to use a reduced image size. This still produces blurry images but it is at least readable.
Hope this helps and feel free to let me know if you need more explicit examples.
p/s: I'm using Windows 8 and MATLAB R2011a so it's a persistent problem.


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