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Classification of many vectors of the same length

Asked by Henrik
on 13 Feb 2013
Hi, I have 6000 datasets in shape of vectors (300x1 for each vector). Every vector represent how an electricity customer consumes electricity over time.
I want to make different customer profiles (around 10) and vectors with similar properties should be placed in the same profile. I.e households and factories shouldn´t be in the same profile.
Is there any good way to do this in Matlab?
// Henrik

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There are plenty of ways. The answer however depends on how you define similar. You could consider the Euclidean distances for instance. Defining similarity is not a Matlab question though. Is this homework? What have you tried so far?

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1 Answer

Answer by laurie
on 13 Feb 2013

you could add one column/line at the beginning or end of each of the 6000 vectors you have that would take a value from 1 to 10 representing "customer profile" (eg. 1 for household, 2 for factory, etc.)
or you could have a structure that would be like this : clients.profile='household'


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