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Need this to be used in MATLAB from Python

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Felicia Muniz
Felicia Muniz on 4 Nov 2020
Commented: drummer on 5 Nov 2020
def marshall_dist(Dvec,RR):
Calcuate the Marshall Palmer drop size distribution
Input: Dvec: vector of diameters in mm
RR: rain rate in mm/hr
output: n(Dvec), length of Dvec, in m^{-3} mm^{-1}
N0=8000 #m^{-3} mm^{-1}
the_lambda= 4.1*RR**(-0.21)
return output

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drummer on 4 Nov 2020
% to call your function in MATLAB
yourResult = marshall_dist(input1, input2) % whatever are your input argument values.
% functions go in the end of the script in MATLAB
function output = marshall_dist(Dvec, RR)
N0 = 8000;
lambda = 4.1*RR^(-0.21);
output = N0*exp(-lambda*Dvec);

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