Trouble interafcing FS300 SpecAn using USB interface and NI VISA 5.0.3 with Matlab

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HI, I'm stuck with a problem in interfacing the Rhode & Schwarz FS300 spectrum analyser to Matlab through NI VISA 5.0.3. I'm using Matlab 2011a. Create new Interface option in tmtool doesn't shows my instrument connected to the USB drive. The NI VISA interactive control shows my USB device, but listed as USB RAW. I beleive I need to get this listed as INSTR?
Any help ?
Thanks, Bala

Accepted Answer

Ankit Desai
Ankit Desai on 30 Apr 2011
If you plan to communicate with the instrument using low level SCPI commands, via VISA-USB object - it has to be of USBTMC (Test & Measurement) class i.e. the VISA Resource Address must end with ::INSTR.
However, if you plan to communicate with the instrument using the industry standards such as VXIPnP or IVI - you can use the USB-RAW VISA Resource Address. Here's more help on how to use these drivers in MATLAB.
Hope this helps,

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Balachander Ramamurthy
Balachander Ramamurthy on 3 May 2011
It's working now! The USB interface to Fs300 and Sm300 instruments doesn't show up in the VISA software (both NI and Agilent). But SiScan from Rohde and Schwarz driver installation shows the USB connection and the required address to connect from tmtool. The driver installation requires a VISA software installed in the PC.


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