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The Linear Analysis Workspace is Empty ?

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Yugal Gupta
Yugal Gupta on 4 Nov 2020
Commented: Tesla Wells on 2 Dec 2020
I am using MATLAB R2020b. Although at the bottom corner, it is showing that 'The linearization result 'Linsys1' is created in linear analysis workspace' but I can not see any variable in linear analysis workspace. It is totally empty. Can someone help me with this ?
Actually I wanted to move 'linsys1' to my MATLAB workspace so that I can extract the phase and magnitude data of bode diagram, obtained from linearization.
Thank You.

Accepted Answer

Paul on 5 Nov 2020
Is your Data Browser visible in the Linear Analysis Tool? If not, click on the Data Browser tab on the left hand side of the Linear Analysis Tool window.
Tesla Wells
Tesla Wells on 2 Dec 2020
I had this exact same problem and I'm glad you asked because I could not for the life of me figure out what was happening

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