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Unable to use smimport

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Bojian Qu
Bojian Qu on 5 Nov 2020
Answered: Asim on 4 Jan 2024
I tried to use smimport to import solidworks file(.xml) into matlab, however, an error appeared as 'Unable to load bundle binary D:\Matlab\2020b\bin\win64\builtins\physmod\sm\sli\mwphysmod_sm_sli_import_builtinimpl.dll. Error: 126: not connected'. The import process follows the instructions(install_addon,regmatlabserver,smlink_linksw), and every step looks good.So how can I figure out the error and import the file successfully?

Answers (1)

Asim on 4 Jan 2024
Hello Bojian Qu,
I understand that you are experiencing an issue when trying to import a SolidWorks XML file into MATLAB using the smimport function. The error message you're seeing, 'Unable to load bundle binary... Error: 126: not connected,' suggests that there might be a problem with the installation of the required components or with the path configuration.
You can refer to the following link for the reference.
Hope this will help!
Best Regards,
Asim Asrar


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