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I'm trying to conenct an Agilent N9320B spectrum analyser through to Matlab through Agilent VISA USB. I could succesfully create an interafce object and communicate through the interface. But I receive a error message, when I want to use the Matlab interface driver (.mdd file generated from Vxi Plugand paly driver using midedit). see code below for the error message.
>> obj1 = visa('AGILENT', 'USB0::2391::65519::CN03225604::0::INSTR');
>> makemid('agn9320ni') %downloaded and installed driver from NI web
>> d=icdevice('agn9320ni.mdd',obj1); ??? Error using ==> icdevice.icdevice>icdevice.icdevice at 239 The driver must be a MATLAB interface instrument driver.
Strangely, even when I try to create an device object in tmtool, I don’t get an create tab to select the resource.
Any help ?

Accepted Answer

Ankit Desai
Ankit Desai on 30 Apr 2011
MDD files can be of multiple types. For example:
1. MATLAB Interface Instrument Driver 2. MATLAB VXIPnP Instrument Driver 3. MATLAB IVI-C Instrument Driver 4. MATLAB IVI-COM Instrument Driver
Depending on the MDD file type the second argument to the icdevice function changes.
For MATLAB Interface Instrument Driver the second argument to the icdevice function should be an interface object (and hence MDD is called "Interface" Instrument Driver).
However, if the MDD is any of the other three types, the second argument to the icdevice function should be the VISA Resource Address (In your case: USB0::2391::65519::CN03225604::0::INSTR)
If you created agn9320ni.mdd from a VXIPnP driver, then you need to pass in the VISA Resource Address as the second argument:
d = icdevice('agn9320ni.mdd','USB0::2391::65519::CN03225604::0::INSTR');
More information on the MDD types can be found at the online help. Here's more information on how to use industry standard drivers.
Hope this helps,
Balachander Ramamurthy
Balachander Ramamurthy on 2 May 2011
Hi Ankit,
Thanks for the reply,
I tried in the same way, I could now able to create the device object but getting error while trying to connect.
See code below, for exactly what I did.
>> instrhwinfo('vxipnp')
ans =
InstalledDrivers: {'SiControl' 'agn9320ni' 'rssifs' 'rssism'}
VXIPnPRootPath: 'C:\Program Files\IVI Foundation\VISA\WINNT'
>> makemid('agn9320ni','test_agn9320ni.mdd','vxiplug&play')
>> d = icdevice('test_agn9320ni.mdd','USB0::0x0957::0xFFEF::CN03225604::0::INSTR')
Instrument Device Object Using Driver : agn9320ni
Instrument Information
Type: VXIPnPInstrument
Manufacturer: Agilent Technologies
Model: Agilent N9320A Spectrum Analyzer
Driver Information
DriverType: MATLAB VXIplug&play
DriverName: agn9320ni
DriverVersion: 1.0
Communication State
Status: closed
>> connect(d)
??? Error using ==> icdevice.connect at 117
The VXIplug&play driver could not connect to the instrument using the specified resource.
If this error is not an instrument error, use MIDEDIT to inspect the driver.
Ankit Desai
Ankit Desai on 4 May 2011
You might want to re-check the resource address.
The error indicates that it is an invalid address.
You can check the VISA vendor's tool. For example: NI's Measurement & Automation Explorer or Agilent's Agilent Connection Expert to find out the correct resource address.
You can also get the VISA resource address from the VISA object constructor returned by instrhwinfo('visa',<vendor name>);
Hope this helps.

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jiao on 3 Nov 2014
hey, did you solve this problem or not?

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