create a loop to determine the pixel distance from the center using the distance formula

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using the distance formula I need to find the the pixel distance from the center of my image 'sunflower.jpg'. I have found the center of my image im just cofused on how to write the loop and what values my x and y would be.
d^2 = (x-x_c)^2 + (y-y_c)^2 (distance formula)

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Bastian Arturo Romero Mardones
Edited: Bastian Arturo Romero Mardones on 12 Nov 2020
you just have to move (x, y).
(x_c, y_x) are fixed.
image = imread('sunflower,jpg');
[l,h,~] = size(image);
%(x_c,y_c) = center of image
for x=1:l
for y=1:h
d = sqrt((x-x_c)^2+(y-y_c)^2);
Yogesh Bhambhwani
Yogesh Bhambhwani on 13 Nov 2020
So I have been doing that and its not working (color is the original image) everytime I view the image it is just all black.

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