3D viewer cursor coordinates

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Fiona Gong
Fiona Gong on 16 Nov 2020
Commented: Rik on 17 Nov 2020
I've been using imshow3Dfull to display a 3D matrix 192*192*17 with pixel value [0,1], it is super useful. I now need to write up a small programme to allow me extract cursor coordinate. I tried control+right click with then export cursor coordinates in 2D only. Does anyone know a way to extract 3D coordinate as [x,y,z]? Alternatively is there another viewer I can use which enables export of [x,y,x] coordinate easily? Essentially I need to write a piece of code which open the data with a 3d viewer, look into the suspicous pixel and click on it which then feed back the [x,y,z] of the cursor.
Link for imshow3dfull:
Many thanks in advance!
Rik on 17 Nov 2020
Yes, that is what I mean. You don't need to change the slider callback, you only need the handle to it.

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