How to design the help document in GUI?

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I've just finished a GUI program.And I'm going to design a 'help menu' telling people how to use the program.If I click on the help menu,the help document will appear.Would you please tell me how to design it?

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 28 Feb 2013
Edited: Sean de Wolski on 28 Feb 2013
Use a uimenu and have the callback call web() with your html file. Or poof a new figure that contains a text box with the info you want.
doc uimenu
doc web
Here's a simple example:
hFig = figure('menubar','none','Toolbar','figure');
hM = uimenu('parent',hFig,'Label','Help');
uimenu(hM,'Label','Help Contents','Callback',@(~,~)web(''));
uimenu(hM,'Label','About the Author','Callback',@(~,~)msgbox('Sean was here!'));

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Jan on 28 Feb 2013
Matlab users are used to read Matlab's help files. Therefore I'd follow the style of the doc files, add the html file to the standard doc browser also and use FEX: popupPanel to display this HTML page when the local help menu is triggered.
Jan on 28 Feb 2013
@Sean: Correct, but in a deployed application you can open the same HTML page in a browser instead.
@Chan: You can use standard HTML pages, which can be view by a standard browser also such that you can place it a web page also.

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