How to ensure that the number of matches between 2 images is equal to the number given?

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Animesh Shankar
Animesh Shankar on 19 Nov 2020
Edited: Animesh Shankar on 20 Nov 2020
Using the matching features from here:
I1 = rgb2gray(imread('viprectification_deskLeft.png'));
I2 = rgb2gray(imread('viprectification_deskRight.png'));
points1 = detectHarrisFeatures(I1);
points2 = detectHarrisFeatures(I2);
[features1,valid_points1] = extractFeatures(I1,points1);
[features2,valid_points2] = extractFeatures(I2,points2);
indexPairs = matchFeatures(features1,features2);
matchedPoints1 = valid_points1(indexPairs(:,1),:);
matchedPoints2 = valid_points2(indexPairs(:,2),:);
figure; showMatchedFeatures(I1,I2,matchedPoints1,matchedPoints2);
How do I ensure that the number of matches found is equal to a number given e.g. 170?
If not, then how can I ensure that for every point in valid_points1 there is a corresponding point in valid_points2.
So if valid_points1 is 170 points in total, then indexPairs should also be 170 points.

Accepted Answer

Qu Cao
Qu Cao on 20 Nov 2020
You can set 'MatchThreshold' to 100 and 'MaxRatio' to 1.

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