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Undefined function or variable 'arrayDatastore'.

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I can run this line:
[XTrain,YTrain,anglesTrain] = digitTrain4DArrayData;
However, when I run this line
dsXTrain = arrayDatastore(XTrain,'IterationDimension',4);
It comes
Undefined function or variable 'arrayDatastore'.
So I think I dont have the function of "arrayDatastore"
I run
>> A = magic(10);
>> arrds = arrayDatastore(A);
Undefined function or variable 'arrayDatastore'.
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Muhammad Usman Saleem
Muhammad Usman Saleem on 2 Oct 2022
It's becomes a long discussion. There are serval examples on Mathwork which are based on new functions in Matlab. But the most problamatic thing is all of these examples are written on functions avaiables in lastest version of Matlab. When a user having older version of this great softare, he stuck in problem how I incooperate new functions in older version. This thing really suffer the new users of Matlab having older versions. A request is to the developers to please create file exchanges of new functions so that users from older version can use them and take benifact of fantanstic examples given in Mathwork community to resolve thier problems. Thanks you!

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Accepted Answer

Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 22 Nov 2020
arraydatastore(): was introduced i R2020b. You cannot use it in R2019a.

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