Applying Finite Element Analysis to an already working Genetic Algorithm application using MATLAB

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Hi, I am in the process of applying a Genetic Algorithm to optimise a London Kings Cross Western Concourse-like structure.
Please have a look at the files linked to above. I am a newbie to MATLAB so forgive me if my code style stinks! Feel free to use my code in any way you see fit.
At the moment my program is successfully finding the lightest structure. I want it to find the lightest structure that would be stable in real life. I want to apply finite element analysis to each individual of each Genetic Algorithm population. This is quite computationally expensive so I will only analyse a segment of the structure and use symmetry to deduce the rest.
If you run 'kc.m' you will see the generation numbers counting with a plot of the lightest full 3D structure at each generation (often the image appears to freeze, that happens when no better solution is found so it stays the same).
Once the program ends it plots two graphs. Sorry I have not labeled them yet. The blue graph shows the total mass of the lightest structure (y-axis) at each generation (x-axis). The red graph shows the average mass (y-axis) at each generation (x-axis)
Does anyone have any ideas how I can accomplish this? I am thinking of working out the yield stresses with and making sure that no stress passes that value (after applying a factor of safety using Eurocodes).
I hope you can work out what I've done. Please ask if there is anything you don't understand in it.

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