Fuzzy text in MATLAB Live Editor

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Charles Refvem
Charles Refvem on 4 Dec 2020
Edited: Charles Refvem on 17 Sep 2022
I've been having some small issues with my MATLAB Live Editor.
On occassion I will notice that the text in the live editor is rather blurry and hard to read. it affects plots as well. See below:
When I click on the MATLAB Live Script and "focus" on the section that is fuzzy, all of a sudden the text becomes sharp. See below:
I only just started noticing this, but it may have been occuring since I recently switched to a new computer. I know I never noticed it on my last PC. I thought perhaps it might be some kind of display or graphics setting on my new fancy GPU, but I am unsure. Does MATLAB have any recommended settings for the NVIDIA Control Panel?
I am running MATLAB Version (R2020b) Update 1 and my PC has the following hardware:
OS: Windows 10 Po 20H2 - Build 19042.630
CPU: Intel i9-10920x
RAM: 128 GB Corsair LPX
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX2070 Super
Display 1: LG 27UN850-W
Display 2: LG 27UN850-W
Charles Refvem
Charles Refvem on 17 Sep 2022
This problem seems to have come back for me, and the settings tweak no long resolves the issue. I've tried tweaking every possible setting I can think of from screen scaling, to 3D graphics settings. Something is just broken.
The live editor is virtually unusable now. The problem even manifested today in the installation of R2022b.

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Answers (3)

Jonas Becker
Jonas Becker on 16 Dec 2021
In my case (see comments on first post) it has something to do with the Matlab help. When I open Matlab, all the text is depicted sharply and as it should be. BUT: As soon as I open Matlab help the font becomes fuzzy. When I close the help window, the problem persists.
My solution: Restart Matlab and use the Matlab help on the internet.
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Fabian Bunjes
Fabian Bunjes on 6 Jul 2022
Same here. The Problem comes when starting Matlab Help inside Matlab.
Restarting and Using Matlab Help on the Browser is my only Solution so far. Hope this gets fixed

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LCR on 20 Dec 2021
Edited: LCR on 21 Dec 2021
In my case, whatever I do by applying suggested solutions from the Internet are not working.
The only way to fix the issue is just simply disabling the FXAA and all edge smoothing items in the 3D setting of the Nvidia control panel.( Right click on screen) for my Nvidia RTX4000 card.
LCR on 25 Dec 2021
Double checked and you are right. Disable the FXAA is enough.

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Swetha Polemoni
Swetha Polemoni on 8 Dec 2020
Edited: Swetha Polemoni on 8 Dec 2020
Hi Charles Refvem,
This issue has been brought to the notice of developers. They may investigate further.
Jack S
Jack S on 24 Oct 2021
Same issue here, no solution yet.. live scripts borderline unuseable

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