finding point on a function

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Jiung Shin
Jiung Shin on 9 Dec 2020
Answered: Ameer Hamza on 9 Dec 2020
I have a function P using polyfit. How can I find the corrdinate on P when x=a?

Answers (2)

Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 9 Dec 2020
You can use polyval()
xv; % x data-points
yv; % y data-points
p = polyfit(xv, yv, 3);
x = a;
y = polyval(p, x);

KSSV on 9 Dec 2020
Read about interp1.
Let (x,y) be your data.
xi = a ;
yi = interp1(x,y,xi) ;
[xi yi]

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