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Mapping a function over each cell in a cell array using arrayfun

Asked by Andrew
on 10 May 2011


I am trying to "map" a function over each cell in a cell array. For example, suppose that I have a cell array which is filled with vectors of the same length:


Now I wish to apply the built-in Matlab function "norm" to each element in the cell array and return the results in an array (a regular, numeric array/matrix). I tried the following:

myresult=arrayfun(@(M,N) norm(cell2mat(C(M,N))),1:size(C,1),1:size(C,2))

But of course this does not give me what I really want; it gives me the following:

myresult =
      1.4142    5.6569

which is only the norm of the (1,1) element (note that sqrt(1.^2 + 1.^2) = 1.4142) and the norm of the (2,2) element (note that sqrt(4.^2 + 4.^2) = 5.6569). This is because in my code, by specifying M as 1:size(C,1) and N as 1:size(C,2), the function is only evaluated at (M,N)=(1,1) and (M,N)=(2,2).

Can you please help me to see how I can modify my code to take the norm of all the arrays stored in the cell array C?

Thanks in advance,

Andrew DeYoung

Carnegie Mellon University


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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 10 May 2011
 Accepted Answer

myresult = arrayfun(@(c) norm(c{1}), C);

Or more compactly,

myresult = cellfun(@norm,C);


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