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Calling python while program execution in matlab

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Hi there,
I would like to run my matlab code (assume in a for loop), and during each iteration of that loop call a python code and again come back to matlab.
Is such a thing possible?
P.S. consider the following simple example
for k = 1 : 7
% send "k" to python and pause matlab code
% execute python code (for example the code sends back weekday from python to matlab) and continue the code
Please provide a simple example (wether from python side to connect with matlab or wise versa).

Answers (1)

ES on 22 Jan 2021
Please try Python Engine for MATLAB.
What you intend is fully achievable.
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Sajjad Asefi
Sajjad Asefi on 22 Jan 2021
Edited: Sajjad Asefi on 22 Jan 2021
Thanks for the answer, but do you have any idea how shall I pause, and after python code execution, continue it?! I mean can you please provide a simple example

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