Prevent plot() filling missing data between points

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I have the plot belo where x=datenum and y=SPL. You can see, particularly in the second plot down, that there are periods where the data 'jumps'. This is because there are some missing days in the dataset. How do I leave these periods blank rather than having Matlab fill them in automatically? This is sound data so it is not correct to interpolate between the two points like this.
%all subplots use the same approach:
X = [dBcalc_goat(:,1)' fliplr(dBcalc_goat(:,1)')];
Y = [dBcalc_goat(:,7)' fliplr(dBcalc_goat(:,10)')];
fill(X,Y,[0.929411764705882 0.694117647058824 0.125490196078431],...
'EdgeColor',[0.929411764705882 0.694117647058824 0.125490196078431]);
hold on
plot(dBcalc_goat(:,1),dBcalc_goat(:,5),'Color',[1 0 0],'LineWidth',2); %RMS level
plot(dBcalc_goat(:,1),dBcalc_goat(:,4),'Color',[ 0 0 0]); %median
plot(dBcalc_goat(:,1),dBcalc_goat(:,7),'Color',[0.929411764705882 0.694117647058824 0.125490196078431]); %5th percentile
plot(dBcalc_goat(:,1),dBcalc_goat(:,10),'Color',[0.929411764705882 0.694117647058824 0.125490196078431]); %95th percentile
xlim([first last]);
ylim([100 140])

Accepted Answer

Matt Gaidica
Matt Gaidica on 26 Jan 2021
Use NaN.
Louise Wilson
Louise Wilson on 26 Jan 2021
Great, I have it now, thanks Walter! I was using the following to fill the space between the upper and lower line before, when I didn't have the NaNs, but now it doesn't work with the NaNs. Do you know how I could fill the space between the plots when there are NaNs in there?
X = [dBcalcs.GoatIsland(:,1)' fliplr(dBcalcs.GoatIsland(:,1)')]; %fill gap between percentile lines
Y = [dBcalcs.GoatIsland(:,7)' fliplr(dBcalcs.GoatIsland(:,10)')];
fill(X,Y,[0.929411764705882 0.694117647058824 0.125490196078431],...
'EdgeColor',[0.929411764705882 0.694117647058824 0.125490196078431]);
hold on
plot(dBcalcs.GoatIsland(:,1),dBcalcs.GoatIsland(:,5),'Color',[1 0 0],'LineWidth',2); %RMS level
plot(dBcalcs.GoatIsland(:,1),dBcalcs.GoatIsland(:,4),'Color',[ 0 0 0]); %median
plot(dBcalcs.GoatIsland(:,1),dBcalcs.GoatIsland(:,7),'Color',[0.929411764705882 0.694117647058824 0.125490196078431]); %5th percentile
plot(dBcalcs.GoatIsland(:,1),dBcalcs.GoatIsland(:,10),'Color',[0.929411764705882 0.694117647058824 0.125490196078431]); %95th percentile

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