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How to get the folder of an url?

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Hey guys,
I wrote this this to get the folder of all the url's stored in 'founded_medicine_folder_ohne.xls' (see atachment). So far, this works. But I got the problem that this code also deletes a slash in 'https//:...' which should not be the case (after: 'https/:...'). How can I avoid that?
cellArray = readcell('founded_medicine_folder_ohne.xls');
folder = {};
for i= 1:size(cellArray,1)
%get folder
if ismissing(cellArray{i})
folder{i,1} = getFolderURLFromURLstring(cellArray{i});
list= cellfun(@(x) x(1:end-1), list, 'UniformOutput', false);
function fileName = getFolderURLFromURLstring(url)
temp = strsplit(url, '/');
temp(end) = '';
fileName = strcat(strjoin(temp, '/'), '/');

Accepted Answer

Johnny Cheng
Johnny Cheng on 26 Feb 2021
There is a easier way to get Folder URL in getFolderURLFromURLstring(url):
fileName = url(1: find(url =='/', 1,'last'))
where find() get you last index of '/' in url:
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Haron Shaker
Haron Shaker on 27 Feb 2021
Thank you very much, Mr. Cheng.

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