How to call a .dll in the code generation process of C S-Function

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When I use Simulink real-time and build model, my C sfunction needs to call a .dll file.
How to call it correctly?

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Diego Kuratli
Diego Kuratli on 1 Mar 2021
It is not possible to call DLL libraries with Simulink Real-Time.
R2020a and older releases: dynamic libraries are not supported
R2020b and newer: the new RTOS is POSIX compliant, dynamic libraries can be integrated as .SO files (DLLs are Windows-based files and are not supported). The .SO file has to be on the target computer drive.
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jianshen li
jianshen li on 1 Mar 2021
Thank you.
When I run on the target machine after compiling, I have the following problems in the hyperlink.Is this because my model relies on the third-party library FAST_Library_Win32.dll?
Thank you again!

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