How to align images together automatically: Round 1

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Project changed, so I'm now trying to get these images aligned automatically. I currently have my script to make the image into a binary image, and then select the largest object with a bounding box. I want to get the coordinates of the selected object for the following images to align to it like a reference, but I don't know how.
Thank you!
Note: These images are extremely similar to each other, but they show this line moving slightly to the right. (very slightly)
A = imread('343A #1.png')
background = imopen(A,strel('rectangle',[258 64]));
A2 = A - background;
A3 = imadjust(A2);
levelA = graythresh(A3);
bw = im2bw(A3, levelA);
bw = im2bw(A3, levelA);
bw = bwareaopen(bw,50);
ccA = bwconncomp(bw, 4);
labeledA = labelmatrix(ccA);
whos labeledA;
RGB_labelA = label2rgb(labeledA, @autumn, 'c', 'shuffle');
imagedataA = regionprops(ccA, 'basic');
image_areasA = [imagedataA.Area];
[max_area, idx] = max(image_areasA);
imageA = false(size(bw));
imageA(ccA.PixelIdxList{idx}) = true;
figure, imshow(imageA)
regionprops(ccA, 'boundingbox', 'Centroid');
B = imread('343A #2.png')
background = imopen(B, strel('rectangle',[258 64]));
B2 = B - background;
B3 = imadjust(B2);
levelB = graythresh(B3)
bw = im2bw(B3, levelB);
bw = im2bw(B3, levelB);
bw = bwareaopen(bw,50);
ccB = bwconncomp(bw, 4);
labeledB = labelmatrix(ccB);
whos labeledB
RGB_labelB = label2rgb(labeledB, @spring, 'c', 'shuffle');
imagedataB = regionprops(ccB, 'basic');
image_areasB = [imagedataB.Area];
[max_area, idx] = max(image_areasB);
imageB = false(size(bw));
imageB(ccB.PixelIdxList{idx}) = true;
figure, imshow(imageB)
regionprops(ccB, 'boundingbox');
regionprops(ccB, 'centroid')
regionprops(ccA, 'centroid')
p.s. if you know a better way, please share :) I'm really new to MatLab

Accepted Answer

Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 17 May 2011
Once you know the displacement vector, use my imtranslate function
Frank on 18 May 2011
Got it working with a current script, thanks for imtranslate!

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