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How to refactor dted(foldername) function calls using the new readgeoraster() function?

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The dted() function has been deprecated since the last few releases, and will require refactoring code to use readgeoraster(). This new function does not take in folder paths, only file paths.
The "Compatibility Considerations" section on the dted documentation page only gives examples of using the new readgeoraster() function when passing a single dted file. It does not give examples of how to refactor code that passed in a folder to DTED files and relied on the dted() function automatically handling which files to open, reading them, concatenating them correctly, and returning the data.
Is there a way to replicate the dted(foldername, ...) functionality wihout having to dig inside dted.m and carve out the code to do this?
I know we can use dteds() to get the list of DTED files needed and pass them individually into readgeoraster, but this will not handle properly concatenating all of the files together for us.

Answers (1)

Maadhav Akula
Maadhav Akula on 24 Mar 2021
Hi Thomas,
Utilizing dteds() function as you suggested is one of the workaround, maybe in your case, utilize dted() function for now, the developers are considering to provide a more complete replacement in future releases!




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