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How to connect with breadboard and matlab

Asked by Mr Smart on 5 Jun 2013
Hi, I want to build DC motar speed control system in breadboad. Which items need to build system and how to connect with matlab. Thanks alot.


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Answer by Philipp X. on 5 Jun 2013
 Accepted Answer

you could get an arduino or raspberry pi, a dc-power-source (12v-battery for example), some mosfet-circuitry and a sensor to measure the speed of the motor.
This could be an optical encoder or a halleffect-sensor.
Sounds easy, but you need some knowledge about electronics...


what type or model of arduino?
doesnt really matter, there is also a motor shield for arduino available. for example this one:
Here you can have up to 2 Amps and dont need to fiddle with mosfets.

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