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Tom  Odak
Tom Odak on 30 Mar 2021
Answered: Mike Sasena on 27 Apr 2021
I want to use the Mapped SI Engine Model for hybrid vehicle controls evaluation.
What purpose has the Brake Torque Map in the Block? Why is there a difference beween the Commanded Torque and the Actual Torque (Brake torque map?). Is this only for Limiting the Torque Output?
It's a bit confusing because all other Maps have command Torque on the x axis (if you press plot fuel mass for example).
However on the Help/Documentation Page it says that those lookuptables are functions of the brake torque and not wich makes sense in my opinion.

Accepted Answer

Mike Sasena
Mike Sasena on 27 Apr 2021
Hi Tom,
Think of it as the difference between what the driver is asking for when they step on the gas pedal and what the engine actually provides. For example, during a passing maneuver, you might command 150 Nm of torque, but at the current engine speed, it's only capable of delivering 130 Nm. You typically see maps that sweep commanded torque on one axis, engine speed on the other, with "brake torque" (or "actually delivered torque") as the output on the z-axis.
Hope that helps,

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