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Zero-Crossing Detection Error...

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Masoud Ghanbari
Masoud Ghanbari on 17 Jun 2013
Hello Every One...
Recently I faced an error which i couldn't get rid of...
it is about consecutive zero crossing... the error occurs even when i disabled
the un-ticked the 'Enable zero crossing detection' of PID Controller but it
didn't work.
The error dialog is:
"to continue the simulation, you may 1) Try using Adaptive zero-crossing
detection algorithm or 2) Disable the zero crossing of the blocks shown in the
following table.
Number of consecutive zero-crossings : 1000
Zero-crossing signal name : RelopInput
Block type : RelationalOperator
Block path : 'boostwithpicontrol/Relational Operator1'
You can turn off this message by using the MATLAB command:
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