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Bus elements with multiple dimensions

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Alborz Sakhaei
Alborz Sakhaei on 11 Apr 2021
Answered: Pramil on 22 May 2024 at 10:29
I have a structure S with three time series fields a, b and a.
S.a = timeseries
S.b = timeseries
S.c = timeseries
I'd like to create a bus object (B) with above bus element. But instead of creating 3 bus elements (a, b and c) I'd like to create one bus element (S) with dimension of 3. I created the bus B like this:
S = Simulink.BusElement;
S.Name = 'S';
S.Dimensions = 3;
B = Simulink.Bus;
B.Elements = S;
How can I assing (sub)bus elements (a, b and c) to S (and B)?

Accepted Answer

Pramil on 22 May 2024 at 10:29
Hi Alborz,
To create a Bus Object B that contains a single Bus Element S which itself represents a structure with three timeseries fields “a”, “b” and “c”, you will need to create a nested bus structure. This involves creating Bus Objects for both the outer structure B and the inner structure S, and then defining a, b, and c as elements within a bus that S represents. Here is how you can do it on MATLAB R2020a:
  • Define Bus Objects for “a”, “b”, and “c”.
elemA = Simulink.BusElement;
elemA.Name = 'a';
elemB = Simulink.BusElement;
elemB.Name = 'b';
elemC = Simulink.BusElement;
elemC.Name = 'c';
  • Create a Bus Object for the inner structure “S”.
S = Simulink.Bus;
S.Elements = [elemA elemB elemC];
  • Create the outer Bus Object “B” and add “S” as a datatype.
elemS = Simulink.BusElement;
elemS.Name = 'S';
elemS.Dimensions = 1;
elemS.DataType = 'Bus: S';
B = Simulink.Bus;
B.Elements = elemS;
To know more about Simulink.BusElement and Simulink.Bus you can refer the following links:
Hope it helps.

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