PDF & CDF function

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I have a question about PDF & CDF functions
If I have a vector with an abnormal distribution
What functions can I use?
(From the vector I can of course calculate the standard deviation and the mean, find a high or low value ....)
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Alan Stevens
Alan Stevens on 12 Apr 2021
In what way is it abnormal? Can you plot a graph of it?

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Alan Stevens
Alan Stevens on 12 Apr 2021
Edited: Alan Stevens on 12 Apr 2021
Use histogram to see the shape. Move_W_to_dBm has a double peak at low values, with an extremely long tail to the right (I deleted values larger than 8*10^-10 in order to see the doube peak better). There is no way this is a normal curve! Looks like it might be a combination of a couple of normals, perhaps (ignoring the rightwards bias, that is). However, you could use the histogram to define your own pdf, and use cumtrapz, perhaps, to define the cdf.

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