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Start genetic algorithm more than once until solution is found

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Paul Haase
Paul Haase on 14 Apr 2021
Answered: Alan Weiss on 16 Apr 2021
I have generated a genetic algorithm-based optimization problem which is highly restricted by secondary conditions.
I have noticed after running it several times, that solutions can be found in less than 2 min, which completely meet the requirements. In other runs, it happens that the algorithm runs for over half an hour without finding solutions.
To my question: Is there a possibility to let the algorithm stop automatically after a defined time by setting the maxstallgeneration and maxgeneration (yes, I know that the stopping criteria is possible) and restart the genetic algorithm automatically until a solution is found?
I would appreciate every advice.

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Alan Weiss
Alan Weiss on 16 Apr 2021
Of course, just write a loop.
runon = true
while runon
% Call ga with option set to stop early if necessary
% If you didn't stop early, set
runon = false;
Alan Weiss
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