'unrecognized function or variable 'yolov30ObjectDetector'

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while rinning the example "ObjectDetectionUsingYOLOV3DeepLearningExample.mlx"
it stopes at line 48
yolov3Detector = yolov3ObjectDetector(baseNetwork, classNames, anchorBoxes, 'DetectionNetworkSource', {'fire9-concat', 'fire5-concat'});
this error appears
unrecognized function or variable 'yolov30ObjectDetector
Did you mean:
yolov3Detector = yolov2ObjectDetector(baseNetwork, classNames, anchorBoxes, 'DetectionNetworkSource', {'fire9-concat', 'fire5-concat'});
what should I do to solve this error
where to find yolov3ObjectDetector file

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Subhadeep Koley
Subhadeep Koley on 17 Apr 2021
This example you're executing, requires the Computer Vision Toolbox™ Model for YOLO v3 Object Detection. You can download & install the Computer Vision Toolbox Model for YOLO v3 Object Detection from Add-On Explorer or from this link.
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besbesmany besbesmany
besbesmany besbesmany on 18 Apr 2021
the toolbox hanged laptop in "configuring your installatioin" step but I found it installed
when I run file "ObjectDetectionUsingYOLOV3DeepLearningExample.mlx"
it gives error at this line
unzip vehicleDatasetImages.zip
an internal error has occured.
and the vehicleDatasetImages.zip exist at folder '%examples\deeplearning_shared\data%'
how to fix and run program please

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 14 Nov 2021
After I install Computer Vision Toolbox™ Model for YOLO v3 Object Detection in R2021b, then I find yolov3ObjectDetector at
fullfile(matlabshared.supportpkg.getSupportPackageRoot, 'toolbox', 'vision', 'supportpackages', 'yolov3', 'yolov3ObjectDetector.m')
for example

Rajesh Roy
Rajesh Roy on 29 May 2021
that didn't help. After downloading this package, while installing it I got this error: The support package is not compatible with your version of MATLAB or operating system
Vivek Akkala
Vivek Akkala on 26 Jun 2021
Computer Vision Toolbox™ Model for YOLO v3 Object Detection is Compatible with R2021a. You need to update your MATLAB version if it isn't R2021a.
Eino WANG on 14 Nov 2021
Have you solved this problem? I have already update my MATLAB version to R2021a, but still have this problem.
Could you give the yolov3ObjectDetector? Thanks!

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