How to find data points within 2% tolerance of curve

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Suppose, I have any curve , assume y=x^2 . And I have some scatter data points(X,Y) . Then , how to find scattter data points which are in 2% tolerance of curve y=x^2.

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Chad Greene
Chad Greene on 30 Apr 2021
Sounds like a nice homework problem.
You'll probably want to use logical indexing to find the indices of the Y data that are within some range of your predicted y curve.
If you wanted to find the indices of all Y values that are greater than 3 and less than 5, you'd do
ind = y>3 & y<5;
which would return true for all of the y values that are within that range.
Now try the same logic, but find the indices of all Y points that are greater than 0.98 of your x^2 curve, and less than 1.02.
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Chad Greene
Chad Greene on 30 Apr 2021
Here's an example.
X = 1:100;
Y = 10*rand(100,1);
plot(X,Y,'.','color',0.8*[1 1 1])
Now the indices of all the Y data between 3 and 5:
ind = Y>3 & Y<5;
hold on

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