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Specific color corresponding to specific data using contourf colormap

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I would like to know if we can give a specific color to a specific data and plot them on Matlab ?
For example, I have a 3000x3000 matrix with x and y axis, I need to plot a range of data in a specific color.
I've already generated the map with, but the colors are random
this is my code :
A= data;
[v,x] = meshgrid(v,x);
%colourRGB = hsv(jet);
c=colormap(jet); %jet
L=[0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.7 0.8 0.9 1];
[cdd hc]=contourf(v,x,A,[-0.01 L]);
I want for example if A(x,y)==0.07 the colormap will be green ...
I can give more details.
Kind regards,
DGM on 13 May 2021
I'm still not really sure what you're aiming for, but consider:
% make some simple test data
x = linspace(0,1,100);
y = x.';
z = (x+y)/2;
% this is a simple colormap with 10 colors
% it looks pretty terrible, but they're distinct
% and recognizable
cm = [1 0 0;
1 1 0;
0 1 0;
0 1 1;
0 0 1;
1 0 1;
0.8 0 0;
0.8 0.8 0;
0 0.8 0;
0 0.8 0.8];
% the levels vector also has 10 levels
L=[0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.7 0.8 0.9 1];
[cdd hc]=contourf(x,y,z,[-0.01 L]);
Now each band on the contour plot has a distinct color directly represented by the colormap. You could build whatever colormap you want to assign to each level. If you want to use jet or another built-in colormap the same way, specify the number of levels so that it lines up with your levels vector:
c=colormap(jet(10)); % or however many levels you have
Or you could modify a built-in map if you want to highlight certain things:
cm = jet(10); % use jet
cm(7,:) = [1.0000 0.2726 0.6517]; % but make one band pink
Is this even getting close to what you need?
S Ch
S Ch on 17 May 2021
thank you for all your answers, I'll check them later, I switched to another project with a deadline,
The best thing to confirm your response is to try them, so I don't want to accept, give me a moment, please.
Thanks again.

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Answers (2)

Chad Greene
Chad Greene on 13 May 2021
Perhaps @Kelly Kearney's contourfcmap is what you need?

S Ch
S Ch on 25 Jun 2021
Edited: S Ch on 25 Jun 2021
Thank you @DGM, @J. Alex Lee and @Chad Greene for your answers! It was great to use these methods and it is what I need!
I used the contourfcmap and I directly chose the number of levels I want, unfortunately I'm struggling to do a loop of 100 images using this method ! anyone can help me please?
To explain the problem, I have 100 matrices in a folder (each matrix is an image that I want to contourfmap) and after that save them in a folder as images with the colors I chose in contourfmap. Is this possible ?
This is my code:
for i = 1:N
%names is the char name of all matrices
if i < 10
names(i,:) = strcat("X_t0000",string(i),".mat");
names(i,:) = strcat("X_t000",string(i),".mat");
% A = eval(names);%(i,:)) ;
%After that I didn't know how to use names so I change to this follows:
Data= load(F(i).name);; %iside each matrix there is matrix named 'data'
h1 = contourfcmap(v,x,z,[0.1 0.33],jet(1),[.1 .1 .1], [.9 .9 .9], 'eastoutside')
d = h1.c
export_fig(fullfile(Folder, sprintf('%05d.png', i)))
%%% Here I had only one image appeared I think the last one.
% imwrite(d,fullfile(Folder, sprintf('%05d.png', i)))
% A = cat(3,names); %Here I wanted to concatenate the 100 matrices into
% one like 2048x2048x100 but I didn't succed
If it isn't clear please tell me to explain more. Thank you in advance.


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