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Computing Operating point using Simulation Snapshots

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I used simulation snapshots and got an operating point which i then uses the operating point to initialize my model.
after that i clear my workspace and lost the operating point. So when i want to try to re-compute my operating point it shows: The operating point cannot be synchronized with the model.
so how do i remove the operating point from the model memory to allow a re-computation.
Also by initializing the model at the operating point and simulating my model, instead of 100 data points (t=100 and time step =1), it gave me 117 data points instead, which i also dun understand.


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Erman Korkut
Erman Korkut on 31 May 2011
Hi Tan,
To stop the model from trying to initialize from a no longer existent operating point, you can go to the menu in Simulink model Simulation->Configuration Parameters and in the upcoming dialog, you can select Data Import/Expor on the left and uncheck Input and Initial State checkboxes in Load From Workspace panel on the right. This should fix the error.
For the extra data points, depending on your Simulink solver settings and the state of your model, Simulink can choose to take extra time steps for simulation to be more accurate.

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