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Problem in Simulink Onramp

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Thirupthika G G
Thirupthika G G on 20 May 2021
Answered: Deepak Meena on 5 Jul 2021
I completed MATLAB Onramp and received a certificate. Now when I try to launch the Simulink Onramp course, I'm only able to complete course overview but I'm not able to complete Running simulations. There is no task to be completed nor a submit button.I have downloaded MATLAB and Simulink in my PC too. Due to this problem, it shows as only 5% of my course has been completed. please do help me to overcome this problem.

Answers (1)

Deepak Meena
Deepak Meena on 5 Jul 2021
I try to reproduce the issue on the online version and as well on the downloaded version as well. I was able to move forward from the 5 percent mark. But What I think the issue can be your side is you might not able to see the simulink window that pop for each assignment.In that windows you will get similar interface that you get while doing the MATLAB onramp.
Attaching the screenshots for your reference


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