Product method for Fuzzy implication step

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There are two built in implication methods - min and prod. For a mamfis system, min is the minimum between final antecedent number and 1 (as I understood - please correct me, if I am wrong). However, for the prod method, it is mentioned that the input to the implication step from the antecedent is squashed. What does it mean for a mamfis system? If my input to the prod implication step is 0.7 for a mamfis system, what will be the output from this step? Can you please provide the associated equation format for the prod implication method?

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Vimal Rathod
Vimal Rathod on 7 Jun 2021
For product implication when it says the antecedent gets squashed, it means that the data is reduced or scaled down to that value. In the below image you could see that when the final membership value is 0.4 then the prod implication multiplies antecedent with 0.4 and hence the antecedent value gets squashed.
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