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MATLAB environment variables

Asked by Ralf
on 4 Feb 2011
I have a few MATLAB scripts which include the usage of 'matlabfrag' and 'matlabfrag to pdf'. I used them without any problem on my old Ubuntu machine. Now I want to use use them on a MacOS X 10.6 machine and I have the following problem: it seems MATLAB can't find the 'pdflatex'? It is installed on my machine. I got the error message:
/bin/bash: pdflatex: command not found
If I open a terminal I can use 'pdflatex', but not from MATLAB.
I assume it is a problem of setting the environment variables properly. But I don't know how and after one day trying and googleing for answers I hope someone here knows how to do it.
Thank you already in advance, Ralf


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2 Answers

Answer by Ralf
on 8 Feb 2011
 Accepted Answer

I have solved it now. For everyone who is interested: if you use MacTeX 2010, the lines you have to add to the startup.m are:
setenv([getenv('PATH') ':/usr/texbin']);
setenv([getenv('PATH') ':/usr/local/bin']);

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That could be combined in to one:
setenv('PATH', [getenv('PATH') ':/usr/texbin:/usr/local/bin'])

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Answer by Walter Roberson
on 4 Feb 2011

setenv([getenv('PATH') ':/directory/of/pdflatex/']);
This is code to execute inside Matlab before running the script. You could add it to your startup.m file for example.
There are other avenues for making more permanent changes to your OS-X path, such as modifying your ~/.bashrc or ~/.login


Hello Walter!
Thanks for your quick answer. Unfortunately it is not working. I tried both: run it directly from the MATLAB command and included it in my startup.m.
And I don't know if and where MacOS X have a .bashrc or .login.
Sorry, should have been
setenv('PATH', [getenv('PATH') ':/directory/of/pdflatex/']);
Thanks Walter, now the script is running! But for some reasons the PDF is not created even the 'matlabfrag to pdf' tells me it did. Hmmmm

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